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  • To build a healthy and win-win relationship between creators and investors and breathe new life into the content industry!

    CEO, Royalty Bank, Inc.

    Ryuichi Sasaki

  • The evolution of the digital society has brought on major changes in the creation and distribution of cultural content. In the investment field, anyone can easily invest in stocks and trusts using their smartphone, and the number of users from both the wealthy and the middle class has grown. Digital investment and finance is now the norm.


    In such a digitalized environment, Royalty Bank will provide a platform that directly connects creators (music, comics, art) and investors (fans), and will bring on the development of attractive industry infrastructures that have never been seen before. By investing in the creation and distribution of new cultural works, we will contribute to broadening the appeal and excitement of content for everyone.

    The ability for many creators to raise funds in order to invest in their creative activities with more freedom, will also give fans and investors who support them the opportunity to experience and lead to the inspiration of brand-new works. This kind of “investing in excitement” means that you can enjoy both excitement and return on investment.


    We hope that many investors (fans) will be able to experience the joy of investing in culture. In order to do so, we are expanding our investment areas of high cultural intelligence such as music, comics and art. Wouldn’t you like to participate in increasing the value of a piece of work and, by extension, the creators themselves by investing in royalties?

    Now, digital services are often too good to be true, where on one hand, anyone can enjoy a large number of works at an extremely low price, but on the other, the value of each work plummets, which troubles many artists.


    For this reason, we are focusing on block-chain technology (NFT). By proactively and truthfully incorporating this technology into our business, we will develop another pillar of practice in order to increase the value of works created and maintain their ownership value.

    The aforementioned is just one part of our royalty loan investment business, which is a platform that guarantees owners the original value of their work. It is a digital rights platform that provides creators and work owners with a place of distribution that carries value, like a work of art that will be passed down retaining its value forever.

    Dear creators (rights holders) and investors who love culture (music, comics, art, etc.)!


    Let's share this dream together.

  • Team

    Ryuichi SASAKI

    Chairman, CEO


    He has established many companies and organizations such as the Copyright Data Clearinghouse (CDC), Rittor Music, Inc. Mobile Book.jp, and Music.co.jp (Japan's first music distribution company), etc.


    He is currently the Chairman of BRAVO Holdings, an expert member of the National Diet Library, the Vice-Chairman of AMEI, the Director ofJapan Musical Education and Culture Promotion Society, the Secretary of Association for E-publishing Business Solution, and the Chairman of Japan Association of Music Publishing.

    Shuichi HIDEMA

    Vice Chairman, CRO (Chief Rights Officer)  


    He is a first-class intellectual property management technician (specializing in content business). He served as a director of SHINKO MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. before going independent.


    At the Music Publishers Association of Japan (MPA), he was instrumental in establishing a redistribution system and copyright contract forms.

    Since then, he has served as a Director of Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and publishers (JASRAC) and as a committee member of the Federation of Music Producers Japan (FMPJ). He has published many books and is also a lecturer at universities. Currently, a representative Director of Real Rights Inc.

    Akira MATSUNO

    Vice Chairman


    Formerly with AMUSE INC. He is an Executive Officer/Executive Producer of artist management, IT, consumer business, and rights management.

    In the music industry, he has served as Vice President of the Federation of Music Producers Associations.


    He is also the Executive Director of Artist Commons(a general incorporated association), a member of the Digital Business Project of the Federation of Music Producers Associations, and a special advisor to the CiP Association.


    Currently a Representative Director of VVJ Inc.

    Toru MAEDA
    Vice Chairman


    At TOSHIBA-EMI LIMITED, he worked as a Content Planning and Production Producer using new media such as CD-ROMs, the Internet, DVDs, and DVD-ROMs to produce interactive works and electronic comics.

    After that, he established T.E.D., Inc. and started a music distribution company, a music portal site, and a website for music artists. He has worked as a Production Producer for an animation company, while exploring new business models using new media.

    Koichi SAKAUE
    President, COO


    Former director of Rittor Music, Inc. He has served as Editor-in-Chief of music, culture, and women's fashion magazines, and has produced and managed various media including print, video, and web as a Producer.

    After working for Impress Holdings, Inc. (listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) as the General Manager of Public Relations and General Affairs, he established Featuring Co., Ltd. He has been involved in media writing, editing, production, and direction.

    Taisei IGARASHI

    Vice President, CTO


    While studying at the University of Aizu, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, he won the grand prize at JP HACKS, a hackathon hosted by the University of Tokyo.


    After graduating from graduate school with a master's thesis on block-chain, he designed and developed Hyperledger/Iroha, a system for the National Bank of Cambodia, at SORAMITSU Corporation.


    Focusing on the design and implementation of block-chain systems, he has developed servers, mobile applications, web pages, and various applications, as well as providing advisory services.

    Katsuhiko YOSHIDA


    He worked for Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd. for 36 years. He worked in the sales, editorial, advertising, and management sections, and in the editorial department he worked on "Monthly Animage" and "Monthly Shonen Captain".

    Later, as a manager, he worked on subculture magazines such as anime, comics, and hobbies, and served as Chief Editor. After serving as a Director for two years, he resigned from his last position as Editor-in-Chief of "Arklight Editorial Department" and joined Royalty Bank. He is well versed in anime and comics.

    Keiichi KIMURA
    Operations Management


    At Yamaha Corporation, he was involved in the development and operation of ringtone and ringtone song websites and the overseas development of ringtone content.

    Since 2020, he has been involved in information management and new business development at BRAVO Holdings Inc. and participated in the establishment of Royalty Bank.

    Alivia DANDURAND
    International, PR, Marketing


    They studied intellectual property at Hiroshima University while also attending Florida State University. They went to graduate school at the University of Miami's Frost School of Music, where they studied copyright and received a master’s degree in Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management, with full honors (Summa Cum Laude).


    Interested in Japanese music, they moved to Japan. After working at Billboard Yokohama Live, they joined Royalty Bank, where they currently work in international operations, social networking promotion, and marketing.

  • Advisors

    Kohshi YAMAMOTO

    Director, COI Center, Tokyo University of the Arts

    Soichi KIUCHI

    Representative Director, SYSTEMS NOEL Inc.

    Tomohisa NAKAYAMA

    Director, Nippon Angels Investment Co., Ltd.

    Haruyuki NAKANO

    Freelance writer and manga anthologist

  • Company Overview

    Royalty Bank Corporation

    Address : 〒101-0047 Kato Building 2F, 1-5-4 Uchikanda, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
    Representative: Ryuichi Sasaki
    Established : January 18, 2021
    Capital : 60 million yen
    Business : Intermediary for royalty transactions, NFT development and granting

    Affiliation:Japan Blockchain Association


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April 9, 2021
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April 9, 2021